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A moneyflows analysis of metropolitan saving and investment

  • Charles L. Leven
Regional Income Analysis


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    In no sense, particularly in a regional setting, is capital autonomy as so defined to be regarded as “a good thing.” In fact, where it implies a lack of access to the national credit market it is probably a negative influence on regional development. What lack of capital autonomy is intended to indicate, however, is the extent to which the region's economy is affected, for good or bad, by trends in credit marketsoutside the region.Google Scholar
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    If only the first of these conditions held, the area could be defined as “super-autonomous.”Google Scholar
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    For a complete description of these accounts see Charles L. Leven, “Regional Income and Product Accounts; Construction and Application,” in Werner Hochwald (ed.),Design of Regional Accounts, Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1961.Google Scholar
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    Actually sincer zx could hardly be determined other than as a residual, at most four of these six items could be derived from the system.Google Scholar
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    See Leven,op cit. “.Google Scholar
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    Aninternally sustainable level of investment is one which would be repeated in succeeding periods so long as there was no change in the sectors of exogenous final demand or the parameters explicit in the system. It is not related to the “optimum” level of investment in terms of growth criteria.Google Scholar
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    The Sioux City area consists of Sioux City and Sergeant Bluff, Iowa; South Sioux City, Nebraska; North Sioux Ciry, South Dakota, and contiguous connecting unincorporated areas. Its 1958 population was approximately 110,000.Google Scholar
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    Actually the survey was made by means of an additional set of questions on the questionnaire used in the construction of income and product accounts for Sioux City, See Leven,op. cit..Google Scholar

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