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Serotype transformation inParamecium primaurelia

  • M. de Seigneux


Transformation of 90% of the cells in a culture ofP. primaurelia from serotype G (20°CC) to serotype D (30° C) or vice versa was induced. The surface antigens of the 2 different serotypes have the same apparent molecular weight after reduction, and electrophoresis in SDS polyacrylamide gels, but slightly different mol.wts without reduction. Besides the specific protein with different antigenic sites for each serotype, there is at least 1 polypeptide containing the antigenic sites common to both serotype G and D, and this polypeptide probably has a lower mol.wt than the i-Ag itself.


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  • M. de Seigneux
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  1. 1.Department of Animal BiologyUniversity of GenevaGenève 4(Switzerland)

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