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Clearance of indometacin occurs predominantly by renal glucuronidation

  • Frits Moolenaar
  • Sjouke Crancrinus
  • Jan Visser
  • Dick De Zeeuw
  • Dirk K. F. Meijer


In this report we describe the conditions of collection, storage and handling of urine samples, collected after oral dosing with indometacin in man, in order to maintain the integrity of the labile glucuronide formed. We found that the body clearance occurs predominantly by renal metabolism, due to glucuronidation in the human kidney. These glucuronides may be converted to isomeric glucuronides and/or the parent compound indometacin during the residence time in the bladder.


Clearance, metabolic Clearance, renal Glucuronates Indometacin Pharmacokinetics 


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© Royal Dutch Association for Advancement of Pharmacy 1992

Authors and Affiliations

  • Frits Moolenaar
    • 1
  • Sjouke Crancrinus
    • 2
  • Jan Visser
    • 1
  • Dick De Zeeuw
    • 3
  • Dirk K. F. Meijer
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Pharmacology and TherapeuticsUniversity Centre for PharmacyAW Groningenthe Netherlands
  2. 2.Pharmacy Huis te LandeVJ Rijswijkthe Netherlands
  3. 3.Department of NephrologyUniversity Hospital GroningenRB Groningenthe Netherlands

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