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Baby walkers —an underestimated hazard for our children?


Baby walkers (BWs) continue to be a frequent cause of head injuries in young children. A random sample survey of 240 families with children aged 2–6 years revealed a use rate of bady walkers of 55%. Of the children using baby walkers 20% were found to have suffered a BW-related accident. In a retrospective study we reviewed 172 case reports of infants who suffered a BW-related injury between January 1990 and June 1993. We observed 19 skull fractures, 23 concussions of the brain and 125 contusions and lacerations of the head including 4 teeth luxations and 3 fractures or distorsions of the upper extremity. BW-related injuries represent the third most common mode of injury in children aged 7–14 months. We conclude that despite previous warnings BW still represent a frequent cause of severe head injuries in young children. We recommend a general ban on the sale and manufacture of BWs.

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