Egg pigment is accumulated in the tadpole's brain


Four different crosses with wild-type and albino mutants ofXenopus laevis show 1. that the occurrence of the pigmented cell clusters in the tadpole's brain is independent of the presence of pigmentation of the body and 2. that there is a strict correlation between a pigmentation of the egg and the appearance of pigmented cells in the brain of the developing larva. The data strongly support the idea that the egg pigment appears in the brain later in development.

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Correspondence to L. Kordylewski.

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The author wishes to express his deep gratitude to Dr J. B. Gurdon (Cambridge) for kindly providing heterozygous females ofXenopus. The receipt of albino mutants from Dr K. Rzehak (Cracow) is gratefully acknowledged. The author warmly thanks Prof. H. Krzanowska (Cracow) for encouraging him to carry out the breeding experiments. The author is also grateful to Dr G. MacMillan (Aberdeen) and Dr. O. Hoperskaya (Moscow) for valuable comments and Dr D. Doyle (Chicago) for help in preparing the final draft of the manuscript. The author is also indebted to Polish Airlines LOT for kindly transporting two living toads from London to Cracow. The paper has been partially supported by a grant-in-aid from The British Council.

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