Efferent paths of the reflex gastric influences on diuresis

  • A. A. Lebedev


It was established experiments on dogs with denervated kidneys, as well as with transplanted kidneys, that there are two routes by which utimulation of mechanoceptors of the stomach takes place. The first is the nervous route, which regulates the processes of filtration, while the second is a neurohumoral route, regulating the processes of recription. Very strong interoceptive stimulations of the stomach may result in decreased filtration in denervated kidneys. This shows the possibility of regulating the process of filtration by the neurohumoral route. Removal of the hypophysis hinders the reflex effect from the stomach on diuresis, which points to a definite role played by the hypophysis in the neurohumoral route of the efferent arch of the reflex from the stomach on diuresis.


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  • A. A. Lebedev
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  1. 1.Chair of PharmacologyIvanovo Medical InstituteIvanovoUSSR

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