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Der Mitosezyklus im diploiden und triploiden Wurzelmeristem vonScilla sibirica

  • T. W. Baumann


In meristematic root tip cells ofScilla sibirica (2n=12 and 3n=18) the following results were obtained with the aid of autoradiography: 1. The average duration of the mitotic cycle (2n=12) is 69.5 h. The G1-phase lasts 36.5 h, the DNA synthetic phase 17.5 h, the G2-phase 8 h and mitosis 7.5 h. 2. There are no marked differences in the lengths of the cell cycles nor in the duration of the various phases between diploid and triploid plants.


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  • T. W. Baumann
    • 1
  1. 1.Institut für Allgemeine Botanik der Universität ZürichZürichSchweiz

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