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Quelques aspects de la croissance rhizomorphique chez leSphaerostilbe repens

  • B. Botton

Some aspects of rhizomorphic growth inSphaerostilbe repens


The rhizomorphs ofSphaerostilbe repens attached to synnemata and mycelia or severed from them, grew providing that their apices were kept inside the culture medium. Exposed to air, apical regions became dark brown, stopped growing and differentiated into synnemata. However central canals in the middle of the rhizomorphs had to be continuously maintained in contact with the atmosphere; nitrogen immediately stopped rhizomorphic growth. This indicates that oxygen for growing apices is supplied through central canals and that the partial pressure of oxygen has to be higher at the origin of the rhizomorphs than that which is in contact with the outside surfaces of their apices.


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  • B. Botton
    • 1
  1. 1.Laboratoire de Physiologie VègétaleUniversité de Nancy INancy Cédex(France)

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