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Kolbenzellen in der Epidermis der Galaxiidae,Galaxias attenuatus (Salmoniformes)

  • Wolfgang Pfeiffer
Specialia Biologica Microbiologica


The epidermis ofGalaxias attenuatus (Galaxiidae, Salmoniformes) was found to contain club cells that are like the alarm substance cells of the Gonorhynchiformes and Cypriniformes. Whether they are alarm substance cells, can be decided only by experiments on the fright reaction. The existence of club cells in the Galaxiidae confirms the opinion that both the Gonorhynchiformes and the Ostariophysi derived from salmonoid-like fish.

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  • Wolfgang Pfeiffer
    • 1
  1. 1.Zoophysiologisches Institut der Universität74 TübingenDeutschland

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