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Die Isolierung von Ribonukleinsäuren aus menschlichen Knochenmarkzellen

  • K. Letnansky
Specialia Pro Experimentis


By use of bentonite and sodium dodecylsulfate, which bind or inhibit ribonucleases, pure RNA preparations were obtained from human bone marrow. Phenol extraction at 4 °C yielded cytoplasmic RNA, which could be separated into 3 main peaks by sucrose density gradient centrifugation. Sedimentation coefficients of these peaks were about 30S, 19S, and 5S, respectively. Re-extraction of the phenolic interphase at 65° gave a polydisperse ribonucleic acid, sedimenting between 2S and 19S. This RNA is characterized by template activity and is supposed to be biologically active m-RNA.

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  • K. Letnansky
    • 1
  1. 1.Institut für Krebsforschung der Universität WienWienÖsterreich

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