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Intranukleäre virusähnliche Partikeln in einem Mammakarzinom

  • A. Schäfer
Specialia Anatomica. Histologica. Carcinologica


By electron microscopic examination of a solid, chiefly scirrhous mammary cancer, 3 kinds of unusual nuclear inclusions were found: (a) Electron dense particles of a 54–80 nm diameter, whose outlines appear mainly hexagonal, which points at an icosahedral structure, (b) Clusters of granules with a diameter of 200–300å, respectively 300–400å, at whose circumference the larger particles appear, (c) Bundles of filaments in close association and continuous with the granules. In all 3 nuclear inclusions there are subunits of 40–45å. The comparison between these results and experiments published suggest that these nuclear inclusions are (a) virus particles, (b) virus at an early stage of development and (c) virus protein subunits.


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  • A. Schäfer
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  1. 1.Pathologisches Institut der UniversitätMainzDeutschland

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