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On informatics and underdevelopment

  • Judith Sutz
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The main question in this article deals with the contribution of informatics to development. As an approach to an answer, it is pointed out in the first place, that there is not just one informatics and that “development” does not admit of only one definition. After delimiting the relevant concept of development, it is suggested that if informatics is to collaborate in its achievement it is essential to rely, in the Third World, on socially responsible technicians. Thus, the informatics of underdevelopment will attain the technical capacity and the political will required in order to assure a true concern for development.


Informatics Development process Underdevelopment Self-reliance Social awareness Third World informaticians 


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  • Judith Sutz
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  1. 1.Researcher at CIESU (Centro de Informaciones y Estudios del Uruguay), Juan PaullierMontevideoUruguay

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