Gastrointestinal Radiology

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CT appearance of the Roux limb following choledochojejunostomy in liver transplantation

  • Daniel P. Greenler
  • Jules H. Sumkin
  • William L. Campbell


Choledochojejunostomy in Roux-en-Y is a frequent form of biliary reconstruction in liver transplants. On computed tomography (CT), fluid in the Roux limb may simulate a fluid collection. We studied the CT appearance of the Roux jejunal limb in 25 normal and complicated liver transplant patients. The Roux limb was identified in 21 (84%) of 25 cases. Most frequently useful features were characteristic location, continuous tubular appearance, biliary stent, “bull's eye” appearance, and gas in the loop. Two of 18 normal Roux loops were initially suspected of being abscesses and one gas-containing abscess was initially mistaken for the Roux limb. In five of seven patients with complications (four abscesses, two bile leaks, one anastomotic hemorrhage), identification of the Roux limb was possible and was useful in interpreting CT scans. Knowledge of the appearance of the normal and abnormal Roux limb is essential for proper interpretation of CT scans in liver transplant patients.

Key words

Liver transplant, CT Choledochojejunostomy Roux limb, CT Abscess 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Daniel P. Greenler
    • 1
  • Jules H. Sumkin
    • 2
  • William L. Campbell
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of RadiologyPresbyterian-University HospitalPittsburgUSA
  2. 2.Department of RadiologyUniversity of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Magee-Womens HospitalPittsburghUSA

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