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Stability of relative equilibria. Part II: Application to nonlinear elasticity

  • J. C. Simo
  • T. A. Posbergh
  • J. E. Marsden

Glossary: Summary of notation employed for elasticity

Q = Emb+(ℬ, ℝ3)

Configuration Space, with elements denoted byϕQ


State Space; points in the state space correspond to configurations and velocities and are denoted by\((\varphi ,\dot \varphi )\)

P =T*Q

Phase Space; points inP correspond to configurations and momenta and are denoted by z = (ϕ, p)

(δϕ, δp)

Configuration-momentum variations inTϕQ ×Tϕ*P


Special orthogonal group; orthogonal 3 × 3 matrices with determinant 1


Lie algebra of SO(3); 3 × 3 skew symmetric matrices


Infinitesimal generator;ηQ =η × ϕ

〈·, ·〉g

Riemannian metric; for elasticity the inner product\(\left\langle {\delta \varphi _1 ,\delta \varphi _2 } \right\rangle _g = \int\limits_B {\rho _{ref} \delta \varphi _1 \cdot \delta \varphi _2 dV} \).

Locked inertia tensor; defined as


First elasticity tensor; defined as\(A(\varphi ) = \left. {\frac{{\partial ^2 W}}{{\partial F\partial F}}} \right|_{F = D\varphi } \)


Angular momentum map;J(ϕ, p)· n = < 〈p,ηQ(ϕ)〉

K:P → ℝ

Kinetic energy

V:Q → ℝ

Potential energy

H:P → ℝ

Hamiltonian function;H=K + V

Hξ:P × ℝ3→ ℝ

Energy-momentum functional (Routhian)


Lie derivative ofb in directiona


Configuration dependent body force with potentialL: Q → ℝ


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  • T. A. Posbergh
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  • J. E. Marsden
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  1. 1.Division of Applied MechanicsStanford UniversityStanford
  2. 2.Department of Aerospace EngineeringUniversity of MinnesotaMinneapolis
  3. 3.Department of MathematicsUniversity of CaliforniaBerkeley

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