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Transfer factor prevents relapses in herpes keratitis patients: A pilot study


Transfer Factor is a dialysable moiety obtained from immune lymphocytes. It has been successfully used for the treatment of several viral infections including labial and genital herpes. In the present study, thirty-three patients with low immune response to HSV antigens and suffering from herpes ocular infections were orally treated with HSV-specific transfer factor (TF). Their relapse index was reduced from 20.1 before treatment to 0.51 after TF administration, with only 6/33 patients relapsing. Although this is not a placebo-controlled-randomized study, the results suggest that TF specific for HSV antigens may be efficacious for preventing relapses of ocular herpes infections as has been the case with genital and labial localisations.

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Cell-mediated immunity




Epstein-Barr virus


Human immunodeficiency virus


Herpes keratitis


Herpes simplex virus


Individual relapse index




Leucocyte migration test


Lymphocyte stimulation test


Migration inhibition factor


Relapsing herpes keratitis


Transfer factor


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