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Sodium ditiocarb as adjuvant immunotherapy for high risk breast cancer: A randomized study


Sixty-four patients with non metastatic high risk breast cancer were randomized in a double blind trial of adjuvant immunotherapy with sodium ditiocarb (DDC) versus placebo. All patients underwent prior surgery (mammectomy according to Patey) then adjuvant FAC chemotherapy +/- DDC. With a median follow-up of 5 years we observed 6 relapses and 5 deaths in DDC group; 13 relapses and 12 deaths in control group. At 6 years, overall survival is 81% in DDC group versus 55%. Disease free survival (DFS) is 76% in DDC group versus 55%. DDC associated to chemotherapy and locoregional treatment can improve survival and probably DFS in this high risk breast cancer subgroup.

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sodium ditiocarb


disease free survival


overall survival




5 Fluorouracil, Adrianycin, Cyclopho-pharmide


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