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Relations between discharge coefficients in formulas of the capacity of straight rectangular spillways

  • D. F. Panfilov
Ecology and Hydraulic Engineering


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    Approximate formulas (5) and (6) determine the relations between the discharge coefficient m1, m, and m0 with the necessary accuracy only for values ν<1/2–2/3, i.e., for relatively small approach velocities of the flow. In the entire range 0≤ν≤1, rigorous relations between these coefficients are determined by formula (7) and by the formulas derived in this article.

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    With consideration of the formulas derived here for calculating the coefficient m0 on the basis of known m1 and m, it is expedient to calculate the capacity of all rectangular spillways by formula (4).

  3. 3.

    The coefficient m1 for a sharp-crested spillway in the entire range 0≤ν≤1 is determined by formula (28) and with some approximation by formula (31).

  4. 4.

    For normal weirs the dependence of the discharge coefficient on the ratio of ν is represented by graphs.



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