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Selection of the optimum parameters for sandwich construction with honeycomb core

  • Zhou Zhu-lin


The minimum weight of sandwich construction which is regarded as objective function has been discussed. Under given constraint condition of the strength or the stiffness, the four optimum parameters of sandwich construction with honeycomb core (thickness of the face tf, thickness of the honeycomb core hc, thickness of the honeycomb wall ts, side length of the honeycomb cell c) are evaluated. By using constraint condition of the strength, a equation of high degree is finally solved. In the constraint condition of the stiffness, the constraint optimization problem is treated as inconstraint optimization problem with the method of obtaining extreme value solution by undetermined parameter multiplication. Also, the results are discussed.


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  • Zhou Zhu-lin
    • 1
  1. 1.Shanghai GRP Research InstituteShanghai

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