The Journal of Membrane Biology

, Volume 111, Issue 2, pp 155–168 | Cite as

Fatty-acid spin probe interactions with erythrocyte ghosts and liposomes prepared from erythrocyte ghosts

  • Larry M. Gordon
  • Frank D. Looney
  • Cyril C. Curtain


A model for the binding of 5-nitroxide stearate, I(12,3). to human erythrocyte ghosts was developed by comparing spin probe interactions with ghosts and liposomes prepared from ghosts. At low probe/lipid (P/L<1/2500), I(12,3) binds to a similar class of high-affinity, noninteracting sites in both ghosts and liposomes, indicating that lipid moieties are responsible for probe uptake. Saturation occurs in both systems with increasing P/L, and, at higher loading (e.g., P/L=1/360 for ghosts and liposomes), the probe inserts itself at initially dilute sites to form a class of low-affinity sites consisting of clusters of variable size. At still higher P/L ranges (>1/100), much increased probe uptake was observed in ghosts than in liposomes, which was attributed to another class of low-affinity sites, representing nonspecific interactions of I(12,3) with membrane proteins. The nature of the spectral components and ultrafiltration experiments with ghosts labeled at high P/L indicate that both ‘dilute’ and ‘clustered’ I(12,3) are due to membrane-incorporated probe.

Key Words

erythrocyte ghosts liposomes radical interactions protein lipid domains fluidity electron spin resonance spin probes 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Larry M. Gordon
    • 1
  • Frank D. Looney
    • 2
  • Cyril C. Curtain
    • 2
  1. 1.Anesthèsia ServiceJ. L. Pettis Veterans Administration HospitalLoma Linda
  2. 2.CSIRO Division of BiotechnologyClaytonAustralia

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