Über die Variabilität der Brutbilder von Kiefernborkenkäfern (Coleoptera, Ipidae)

  • D. F. Rudnew
  • W. T. Kosak


Studies on the variability of galleries of pine bark beetles (Col., Ipidae)

The variability of the galleries of bark beetles haven't been considered enough till now. Examples of anomalies are given and reduced to their causes. The great pine bast beetle,Myelophilus piniperda, builds the mother-gallery under the bark of stumps downwards instead of above. This can be fed back to the conditions of humidity in the stumps. The little pine bast beetle,Myelophilus minor, when attacking lying stems, often lays eggs only into the higher part of the gallery which is kept free from bore meal. Under the influence of different environment factors also other species of Hylesinini and Ipini show anomalies in building up their galleries.


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© Verlag Paul Parey 1974

Authors and Affiliations

  • D. F. Rudnew
    • 1
  • W. T. Kosak
  1. 1.Institut f. PflanzenchutzKiew 22

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