Environmental Management

, Volume 5, Issue 6, pp 507–513 | Cite as

Enforcement of mitigation measures resulting from environmental impact assessment

  • Malcolm Hollick


Until recently, relatively little attention has been paid to the problem of enforcing mitigation measures identified in environmental impact assessment. Present or proposed enforcement systems in the USA, New South Wales, South Australia, and Western Australia are described and discussed. Although the best enforcement system would depend on the local social, political, and legal systems, five universally desirable features are identified. First, a comprehensive coordinated monitoring and reassessment system is needed. Second, the agencies concerned must have adequate resources to do the work and incentives to carry it out well. Third, there must be the necessary legal powers. Fourth, provision must be made for changing the conditions based on experience. And fifth, the system should be equally effective against private companies and public authorities.

Key words

Environmental impact assessment Environmental management Mitigation measures Enforcement 


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  • Malcolm Hollick
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Civil EngineeringUniversity of Western AustraliaNedlands

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