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Resources management planning in the Pacific Northwest of the National Park system

  • Garrett A. Smathers


According to their enabling legislation and under the various policies that direct their preservation, resources management planning is required in managing National Park Service Areas. In the Pacific Northwest Region of the National Park Service, a resources management planning procedure has been implemented to provide definitive resource management for each park. A multidisciplinary team of scientists and park personnel was assembled in the park and, under a team captain, followed a methodology evaluating not only the impacts of all proposed planning and development activities but also those of all present or proposed resources management programs. Each proposed action or ongoing activity was compared ecologically with ecosystem components. The park's legislative mandates and management objectives were simultaneously compared. Inadequacies in a park's biologic and physical resources data bases were overcome through the multidisciplinary team effort. Because each team member had expert knowledge of a specific ecosystem component, a thorough evaluation of the impact could be made. Adverse impacts of proposed planning or ongoing resources management activities could be eliminated and acceptable alternatives presented in the Resources Management Plan.

This process has led to preparation of a Resources Management Plan that points out deficiencies in the biologic and physical data base and programs research projects to provide this information for future planning activities. The plan also provides a budgeting program for present or proposed resources management activity needs for preserving and maintaining the park ecosystems.


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  • Garrett A. Smathers
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  1. 1.NPS Cooperative Park Studies UnitWestern Carolina UniversityCullowhee

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