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Vasodilatory effects of nisoldipine on coronary arteries—Correlation with plasma levels

  • Stefan Jost
  • Wolf Rafflenbeul
  • Birgit Mogwitz
  • Dietrich Gulba
  • Hartmut Hecker
  • Paul R. Lichtlen
Clinical and Basic Pharmacology


Vasomotion of angiographically normal and stenotic epicardial coronary arteries was analyzed up to 15 minutes after the onset of an intravenous infusion (4 minutes) of 0.5 mg (13 patients, group A) or 1 mg nisoldipine (13 patients, group B). After both doses the maximal increase of the mean diameters of normal coronary segments was achieved not before the 15th minute, averaging 11±6% in group A (p<0.001) and 18±9% in group B (p<0.001). Eleven of 15 and 8 of 9 coronary stenoses in groups A and B dilated to 5–80% and 15–70%, respectively.

The nisoldipine concentration reached maximal levels at the end of the infusion (fourth minute) with an average of 8 ±4 ng/ml and 17±7 ng/ml in groups A and B, respectively. A significant correlation between nisoldipine plasma levels and dilation of normal coronary segments was obtained only with the individual maxima of these parameters and only in group A (p<0.01). The hysteresis of the coronary dilation in relation to the drug plasma levels may be due to the high receptor affinity of nisoldipine.

In either group nisoldipine provoked a persistent increase in coronary sinus oxygen sáturation (p<0.01) and a substantial and prolonged drop in systolic and diastolic aortic pressure (p<0.001). Both doses of nisoldipine induced a rise in heart rate (p<0.01) and a slight drop in the rate-pressure product (p<0.05).

Key Words

nisoldipine coronary vasomotility coronary stenoses pharmacokinetics dihydropyridine calcium antagonists 


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  • Wolf Rafflenbeul
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  • Birgit Mogwitz
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  • Dietrich Gulba
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  • Hartmut Hecker
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  • Paul R. Lichtlen
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  1. 1.Department of CardiologyHannover Medical SchoolHannover 61FRG

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