Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy

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Effects of pindolol and propranolol on blood lipids in hypertensive patients

  • Oscar Román
  • M. Eugenia Pino
  • Tamara Pereda
  • Angélica Valenzuela


Since beta-blockers could affect lipid levels at the therapeutic dose range in hypertensive patients, a parallel 6-month randomized trial with pindolol (PDL) (16 pts.) and propranolol (PPL) (23 pts.) was designed (mean age=55+7.1 years and 57+8.0 years; 9 males, 7 females and 15 males, 8 females, respectively). Total cholesterol, LDL and HDL fractions, and triglycerides (TGs) were determined before (washout phase) and during 1, 3, and 6 months of therapy. Patients were instructed to maintain their usual dietary habits. Daily drug doses were adjusted step by step to attain an optimal hypotensive effect (PDL 15–45 mg, PPL 180–240 mg). In the PPL-treated group, total cholesterol and LDL did not change significantly, HDL decreased (from 45.2 to 40.5 mg/dl, p<0.05) and TG increased (from 133 to 169 mg/dl, p<0.05). In the PDL group total cholesterol and LDL did not change either, but HDL increased (35.9 to 44.7 mg/dl, p<0.01) and TGs, were reduced (from 169 to 131 mg/dl, p<0.05). No dose-effect relationship was recorded. It is concluded that pindolol does not negatively influence HDL nor the TG blood lipid profile as does PPL. Accordingly, pindolol might be preferred to propranolol in the treatment of hypertensive patients with an unfavorable lipid profile, but this assumption remains to be proven in larger, prospective, long-term followup trials.

Key Words

pindolol propranolol beta blockers hypertension blood lipids 


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  • Oscar Román
    • 1
  • M. Eugenia Pino
    • 1
  • Tamara Pereda
    • 1
  • Angélica Valenzuela
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  1. 1.Paula Jaraquemada HospitalSantiagoChile

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