Journal of Soviet Mathematics

, Volume 27, Issue 6, pp 3237–3241 | Cite as

The GB and GC properties of generalized elliposids

  • Yu. Ch. Kokaev


In the paper one investigates the conditions under which the subsets of the form\(B\left\{ {a_n ; p_n } \right\} = \left\{ {x = \sum {x_\kappa e_\kappa : \sum {\left| {\tfrac{{x_\kappa }}{{a_\kappa }}} \right|^{p_\kappa } } } \leqslant 1} \right\}\) of a Hilbert space, where aκ↓0, pκ>1, κ=1, ..., possesses the GB or the GC properties.


Hilbert Space 
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  • Yu. Ch. Kokaev

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