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Biovailability of ivermectin administered orally to dogs


The bioavailability of three formulations of ivermectin was determined following oral administration to dogs. The average peak plasma level (C max) of ivermectin administered in the standard tablet formulation at 6 and 100 µg/kg of body weight was 2.97 and 44.31 ng/g, respectively. This suggest dose-dependent pharmacokinetics.C max and total ivermectin bioavailability, as assessed from the area under the plasma curve (AUC), were similar between two tablet formulations of ivermectin administered at 100 µg/kg. Furthermore,C max was similar following administration of radiolabelled ivermectin at 6 µg/kg in either a beef-based chewable formulation or in the standard tablet formulation.

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  • bioavailability
  • dogs
  • ivermectin
  • oral formulations
  • pharmacokinetics