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O18/O16-Isotopenanalysen und Paleotemperaturbestimmungen an Belemniten aus dem Schwäb. Jura

  • Peter Fritz


Palaeotemperature determinations were made by the oxygen isotope method on 89 Belemnoids from the Schwäb. Jura, South Germany. The data derived show a well-defined maximum in the Upper Toarcian and Lower Bajocian (up to 29‡ C). This maximum is followed by a decline in the Upper Bajocian times (13.2‡ C –18.1‡ C). In the Lower and Middle Lias, as in the Malm, temperatures between 18‡ C and 24‡ C are prevalent.

It is indicated that biological-ecological factors may change the O18/O36 ratio of the carbonate of the rostra and consequently the palaeotemperature results.


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  • Peter Fritz
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  1. 1.Laboratorio di Geologia NuclearePisaItalien

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