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The utilization of native glioma antigens in the assessment of cellular and humoral immune responses in malignant glioma patients

  • M. L. J. Apuzzo
  • K. M. A. Sheikh
  • M. H. Weiss
  • J. S. Heiden
  • T. Kurze


Cellular and humoral components of the immune response have been studied preoperatively, concurrently, and serially in patients with malignant glial neoplasms.

In order to assess titres of circulating antibodies to tumour cell constituents an indirect immunofluorescent technique was applied to single cell suspensions and snap frozen cell smears. In an allogeneic system, 49% of 47 test and 7% of 124 control sera gave a positive response to cytoplasmic components.

The leucocyte adherence inhibition assay was applied to study 39 test and 64 control patients. Significant non-adherence of leukocytes was observed in 77% of test cases. Control parameters indicated specificity of the response.

Simultaneous assessment in 28 test patients yielded a positive response for one or both assays in 89% of cases.


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Table of abbreviations


Peripheral Blood Leucocytes


Leucocyte Adherence Inhibition


Non-Adherence of Leucocytes


Indirect Immunofluorescence


Potassium Chloride


Phosphate Buffered Saline


Minimal Essential Medium


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  • M. L. J. Apuzzo
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  • K. M. A. Sheikh
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  • M. H. Weiss
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  • J. S. Heiden
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  • T. Kurze
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  1. 1.Department of Surgery, Division of Neurological SurgeryLos Angeles County/University of Southern California Medical CenterLos AngelesUSA

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