The development of logic and the philosophy of science in Poland after the Second World War

  • Stanislaw Kaminski


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  3. 9.
    Among others R. Suszko presented a theory of real definition in general, L. Borkowski — the conception of an analytic definition, J. Kotarbińska — the types of definitions (mainly: the ostensive definition) and M. Przełęcki — the problem of operational definition. The function of definition in juridical sciences discussed J. Gregorowicz, in formal sciences H. Stonert, in natural sciences T. Pawłowski, H. Mortimer. About the history of the concept of the definition wrote S. Kamiński.Google Scholar
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    See his “Studies in Functional Logical Semiotics of Natural Language, The Hague 1971 and “O uzyciu wyrazėń”, Wrooław 1971. It is well worth the effort to mention the ofter authors: A. Ajdukiewicz, S. Łuszczewska-Ramahnowa, A. Grzegorczyk, K. Szaniawski, T. Pszczołowski, H. Stonert, W. Marciszewski, S. Majdański.Google Scholar
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