Supportive Care in Cancer

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The Cleveland Clinic Foundation Harry R. Horvitz Palliative Care Center

  • Pamela Goldstein
  • Decland
  • Lois U. Horvitz
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In 1994, the Harry R. Horvitz Palliative Care Center opened as a dedicated inpatient palliative care unit within a comprehensive Palliative Care Program in the United States. The program is designated by the World Health Organization as a national and international demonstration project in the provision of palliative care. The mission of the program and the inpatient unit is to provide excellent care for patients with advanced cancer and their families throughout the illness and during bereavement. The need for the 23-bed inpatient unit was documented by the increasing number of cancer deaths each year and the complex physical and psychosocial problems patients and families experience throughout the course of their illness. Health care professionals specially trained in palliative care are an essential component of a dedicated program within a cancer center.

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Palliative care inpatient unit Horvitz Center Cancer Center Symptom control Palliative home care Hospice home care Family conference 


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  • Pamela Goldstein
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  • Decland
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  • Lois U. Horvitz
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  1. 1.Palliative Care Program, Department of Hematology/OncologyCleveland Clinic Foundation M-76ClevelandUSA

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