Pastoral Psychology

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Psychoanalysis and healing by faith

Science and religion can both express man's search for the good life
  • Lawrence S. Kubie


It would be preposterous to assume that this brief chapter out of my book tells all that can be said about the relationship of religious faith to science in general, to the therapeutic process, and to psychoanalysis in particular. The most that we can claim for it is that without cluttering it up with the excess verbal baggage of philosophical rationalization, it has stated simply some of the issues as honest men must face them.

Certainly the history of the world has proved again and again that science and religion can both be perverted to amoral ends; but it is equally true that science and religion can both express man's search for the good life. The critical issue is whether they can carry on that search hand in hand, or whether their basic premises and their essential techniques are irreconcilably opposed.

It was once the fortune of the author to hear a great religious teacher say in the pulpit that religion is a search for truth; but that as soon as any religion thought that it had found the truth, it ceased to be a religion. With such a concept of religion every scientist will find himself in full agreement. Unfortunately, however, among men of religion as among scientists, there are those whose spirits are so meager that they cannot live without absolutes; and in both camps they tend to aggregate to themselves a predominance of power. Apart from theoretical issues, this practical fact may make a confict between opposing totalitarians irreconcilable.


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