Pastoral Psychology

, Volume 26, Issue 4, pp 229–239 | Cite as

A model for theological interpretation in pastoral care

  • Clyde J. Steckel


The wide-spread use of the clinical method in the preparation of ministers and the subsequent exposure of theprofession to other helpers raises questions about the uniqueness of ministry. Two responses are the efforts to locate uniqueness in terms of role and ritual and/or in terms of the moral dimensions of the clergy's work. The author argues that a more fundamental effort is needed, i.e., the recovery of theological interpretation in pastoral care. He presents a model including five elements which is designed to aid ministers to understand how they perceive experience theologically and how their pastoral responses are shaped by these perceptions. He then describes three settings in which the model has been used and discusses the results.


Cross Cultural Psychology Fundamental Effort Moral Dimension Pastoral Care Subsequent Exposure 
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  • Clyde J. Steckel
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  1. 1.United Church of ChristUSA
  2. 2.United Theological Seminary of the Twin CitiesNew Brighton

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