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The high occurrence of arsenic in macadam products from an iron mine in central Sweden: Significance for environmental contamination


High Arsenic concentrations (up to 200 mg kg−1) are found in macadam products from Dannemora Iron Mine in central Sweden. Monitoring the As, Pb, Zn and Cu concentrations in different macadam products shows that the highest amounts of the metals investigated appear in the fine fractions, 0–2 mm. Because of these relatively high concentrations, the Department of Environment has stopped all distribution of macadam products with a fraction less than 2 mm. However, the leaching tests show a very low concentration of weathering products which indicates a very low weathering rate for the material. Both the surface water and the ground water analyses also show low concentrations (<30μg L−1) in all the samples.

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  • Iron
  • Surface Water
  • Arsenic
  • Geochemistry
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