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Heavy metal content of moss from Kampinos National Park in Poland


The results are presented of studies on the content of Zn, Pb, Cu, Ni and Cd inPleurozium schreberi moss within the spatial system of Kampinos National Park (KPN) adjacent to the Warsaw urban agglomeration. Over a large area (64.3–78.3%) of the Park, mosses contain the following amounts of metals in mg kg−1 dw: 80–120 of Zn, 60–80 of Pb, 10–15 of Cu, 4–8 of Ni and 0.6–0.9 of Cd. All trace metals were found to accumulate in elevated amounts in moss in the south-eastern portion of the Park bordering the urban area, and it is this part of the Park that should be considered as most polluted by heavy metals.

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