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Pseudo-tumoural aneurysm in the third ventricle: Report of three cases

  • M. Soeur
  • J. Brihaye
  • Chr Moerman


3 cases of giant sacciform aneurysm developed in the third ventricle are reported. They were observed in patients over 50 years. Clinical symptomatology evoked a tumor rather than a vascular malformation. Diagnosis can be difficult even with angiography and CTscan performed conjointly when the giant aneurysm is completely thrombosed. The size of the lesion is not a matter of age since 10% at least of these giant aneurysms are observed in children. They are mainly seen along the large arteries at the neck or at the base of the brain; the high focal pressure of the blood flow at these levels can perhaps play a role in the usual site of these lesions. Surgical treatment remains a challenge when the aneurysm is burrowed deep into the third ventricle and when being thrombosed, it is mainly symptomatic by its mass.


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    • 1
  • J. Brihaye
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  • Chr Moerman
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  2. 2.Department of Neurosurgery, Hôpital St. PierreFree University of BrusselsBelgium
  3. 3.Department of Neurology, Hôpital BrugmannFree University of BrusselsBelgium

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