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Some curvature properties of complex surfaces

  • Izu Vaisman


In this paper, we are investigating curvature properties of complex two-dimensional Hermitian manifolds, particularly in the compact case. To do this, we start with the remark that the fundamental form of such a manifold is integrable, and we use the analogy with the locally conformal KÄhler manifolds, which follows from this remark. Among the obtained results, we have the following: a compact Hermitian surface for which either the Riemannian curvature tensor satisfies the KÄhler symmetries or the Hermitian curvature tensor satisfies the Riemannian Bianchi identity is KÄhler; a compact Hermitian surface of constant sectional curvature is a flat KÄhler surface; a compact Hermitian surface M with nonnegative nonidentical zero holomorphie Hermitian bisectional curvature has vanishing plurigenera, c1(M) ⩾ 0, and no exceptional curves; a compact Hermitian surface with distinguished metric, and positive integral Riemannian scalar curvature has vanishing plurigenera, etc.


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  • Izu Vaisman
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