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, Volume 162, Issue 1, pp 237–252 | Cite as

Generalized 2-symmetric submanifolds

  • A. Carfagna D'Andrea
  • G. Romani


In this note we give two families of generalized 2-symmetric submanifolds. The first family consists of submanifolds ofRNwhich are mapped into theirselves by the reflection ofRNwith respect to each first normal space and it is characterized in a differentiable way. The second family consists of submanifolds obtained by introducing a homomorphism between two Lie groups associated with symmetricR-spaces. All these submanifolds are mapped into theirselves by the reflection ofRNwith respect to subspaces of the normal spaces which contain the first normal spaces.


Normal Space 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • A. Carfagna D'Andrea
    • 1
  • G. Romani
    • 2
  1. 1.Dipartimento di Metodi e Modelli Matematici per le Scienze ApplicateRoma
  2. 2.Dipartimento di Matematica «G. Castelnuovo»Roma

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