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Structure of cytochromec oxidase from baker's yeast—a progress report. Preparation of four subunits for amino acid sequence determination and attempts to localize the cytochromec binding site

  • Walter Birchmeier


Cytochromec oxidase from the inner membrane of yeast mitochondria consists of seven nonidentical protein subunits, three being synthesized on mitochondrial ribosomes (molecular weights I: 43 K, II: 34 K, and III: 24 K) and four being made on cytoplasmic ribosomes (molecular weights IV: 14 K, V: 12 K, VI: 12 K, and VII: 4.5 K).

In the present study all four cytoplasmically synthesized subunits of the enzyme were isolated on a large scale using ion exchange chromatography and gel filtartion. Their amino acid composition as well as their amino- and carboxy-terminal amino acid residues have been determined. Sequence determinations of sub-units IV and VI are already in an advanced state. The sequence of subunit VI is characterized by a large amino-terminal stretch dominated by charged amino acid residues followed by a cluster of hydrophobic amino acids.

The binding site of yeast cytochrome oxidase for cytochromec was studied by chemical crosslinking experiments. The formation of a disulfide bridge between the two proteins was observed by using cytochromec from yeast modified with 5-thionitrobenzoate at the cysteinyl residue in position 107. Alternatively, a disulfide between yeast cytochromec and the oxidase could be formed directly by oxidation with copper phenanthroline. Gel electrophoresis of the crosslinked complexes in sodium dodecyl sulfate revealed a new protein band with an apparent molecular weight of 38 K. This new band appears to be derived from cytochromec and from subunit III of cytochrome oxidase.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Walter Birchmeier
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of BiochemistryBiocenter of the University of BaselBaselSwitzerland

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