Regularities of development of settling of models of deep footings


1. The effect of relative penetration on the change in magnitude of settlement is substantial. With the same specific pressure on the base the settlement of the model decreases as the relative penetration increases.

2. Published data on values of unit friction forces along lateral surfaces of deep foundations were confirmed. The maximum value of resistance along the side surface was 2 tons/m2.

3. It was established that the realtionship between the settlement of the model and its diameter is nonlinear. This is of great importance in working out a method for calculating foundations of deep footings from deformations especially if one considers that in this case the foundation carries substantial pressures and deforms under conditions of strongly developed shear regions.

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Translated from Osnovaniya, Fundamenty i Mekhanika Gruntov, No. 6, pp. 11–12, November–December, 1971.

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Ékimyan, N.B. Regularities of development of settling of models of deep footings. Soil Mech Found Eng 8, 398–400 (1971).

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