Czechoslovak Journal of Physics

, Volume 11, Issue 2, pp 81–121 | Cite as

Problems related top-n junctions in silicon

  • W. Shockley


A simple model of the behavior of holes and electrons in the high reverse fields ofp-n junctions has been shown to explain a large body of experimental information. How such a simple model can work so well is somewhat of a mystery in view of the known complications of the band structure.

Statistical fluctuations of donors and acceptors are shown to have significant effects on the behavior ofp-n junctions in the region of avalanche breakdown. Some of these are calculated, and areas for investigation are suggested.

It is concluded that microplasma effects, including the “lock-on” or negative resistance phenomena and noise, require structural imperfections of dimensions of the order of a few hundred to a thousand ångstroms, together with traps capable of storing and immobilizing charge. SiO2 precipitated inclusions are shown to have the necessary attributes, and it is suggested that they are a possible cause of microplasma effects.

Metal precipitates are shown to behave quite differently, and some problems and answers related to their behavior are discussed.

The problems dealt with are of importance, both from the point of view of their scientific interest and because they bear on the problems of producing useful semiconductor devices. It is to be hoped that their study will be a contribution of the sort the President of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences described as being of benefit to both science and society.


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© Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences 1961

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  • W. Shockley
    • 1
  1. 1.Unit of Clevite TransistorShockley TransistorPalo AltoUSA

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