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Isolation and identification of polychlorinated styrenes in Great Lakes fish


Octachlorostyrene was prepared by two independent synthetic routes, and GC retention time data as well as a mass spectrum of the standard were obtained. A comparison of these data with those observed for a component in fish from Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, and the lower Detroit River indicates that octachlorostyrene is present in fish residues from these sources. In addition, mass spectral data indicated the presence of several hepta and hexachlorostyrene isomers in these fish. Further studies should be concerned with quantification of OCS and evaluation of possible sources of these compounds, such as impurities in products produced by exhaustive chlorination or as by-products in the electrolytic production of chlorine.

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Kuehl, D.W., Kopperman, H.L., Veith, G.D. et al. Isolation and identification of polychlorinated styrenes in Great Lakes fish. Bull. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. 16, 127–132 (1976).

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