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DDT residues in Salinas River sediments


The chlorinated hydrocarbon, p,p′ DDT is the most common DDT derivative in bottom sediment samples taken at sites in the Salinas River from the Soledad to the Highway no. 1 river crossing. Its concentration as well as the concentration of total derivatives varies from site to site along the river as well as over time. This is probably due to certain areas acting as natural depositories for water translocated suspended fine particulate matter containing high concentrations of DDT. If the rate of water flow is sufficiently low and if other unspecified natural factors are right, the particles settle and collect at sites along the river yielding a high concentration of DDT residues. Evidence which supports this hypothesis is that the areas with the finest sediment are the areas which also have the highest concentration of DDT derivatives. The portion of the Salinas River south of the Davis river crossing shows the highest concentration of the areas studied.

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