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Dipeptidyl peptidase IV, prolyl endopeptidase and cathepsin B activities in primary human lung tumours and lung parenchyma

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The activities of dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV), prolyl endopeptidase (PE) and cathepsin B (CB) were investigated in primary human lung tumours and matched lung parenchyma, using continuous-rate fluorometric assays of the enzymes. Squamous-cell lung carcinomas showed significantly higher specific activities of all three enzymes studied. In lung adenocarcinomas, only activities of PE and CB were increased significantly. In a limited number of primary human lung tumours of other histological types the activities of DPP-IV, PE and CB were also elevated. Mixing the matched homogenates of lung tumours and lung parenchyma gave additive activities for each enzyme studied. A significant correlation between tumour/lung ratios of specific activities of DPP-IV and CB was observed.

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dipeptidyl peptidase IV


prolyl endopeptidase


cathepsin B


7-(N- acetyll-leucyl-l-arginyl-l-arginylamido)-4-methylcoumarin







r :

Pearson's correlation coefficient


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