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Guidelines for diagnosis and management of osteoporosis


Significant developments have occurred in the field of osteoporosis over the past several years. There is now considerable information concerning its impact on general health and an international consensus concerning the definition of osteoporosis. Conceptually, this recognizes the multifactorial nature of the events which give rise to the fractures, but operational definitions have now been agreed and have gained a wide measure of acceptance. Accurate and precise diagnostic tools are also available. Finally, there is substantial evidence that the natural history of osteoporosis can be modulated by agents which in turn decrease the risk of fracture. Despite an increasing professional and public awareness of osteoporosis, the management of osteoporosis has been confined mainly to specialists. With the large number of affected individuals and the wider availability of diagnostic aids and safe treatments, there is a need for osteoporosis to be managed predominantly by the primary care physician. Against this background the European Foundation for Osteoporosis and Bone Disease through their Scientific Advisory Board has recognized a need to develop practice guidelines for primary care physicians which are summarized in this paper.

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