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Nucleotide sequence of the T-DNA region from theA grobacterium tumefaciens octopine Ti plasmid pTi15955

  • R. F. Barker
  • K. B. Idler
  • D. V. Thompson
  • J. D. Kemp


The complete nucleotide sequence of the transferred region (T-DNA) of an octopine tumor inducing (Ti) plasmid fromAgrobacterium tumefaciens (pTi15955) has been determined. A total of 24 595 nucleotides extending approximately 900 bases to either side of the outermost, T-DNA boundaries was sequenced. Computer analysis of the sequenced portion of the Ti plasmid revealed that recognition sites for 72 restriction endonucleases are present in the DNA sequence at least once; no site forEcoK exists in this DNA sequence. Two imperfect 24 base repeats border the T-DNA sequence; the left starts at position 909 and the right ends at position 23 782, giving the T-DNA region a total length, of 22 874 nucleotides. Another two similar 24 base repeats lie within T-DNA and divide it, into three distinct domains: T-left (TL-DNA) 13 175 bp of apparently eukaryotic origin; T-center (TC-DNA) 1816 bp of prokaryotic origin; and T-right (TR-DNA) 7 883 bp of eukaryotic origin. The T-DNA contains nine reported transcripts, however, 26 open reading frames longer than 300 bases that start with an ATG initiation codon were found. Fourteen open reading frames are bounded by putative eukaryotic promoters, ribosome binding sites, and poly(A) addition sites and occur only in TL-and TR-DNAs. No open reading frames showing eukaryotic promoter sequences are located within the TC-DNA.


Agrobacterium tumefaciens border sequences DNA sequencing octopine Ti plasmid (pTil5955) T-DNA 


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  • R. F. Barker
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  • K. B. Idler
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  • D. V. Thompson
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  • J. D. Kemp
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