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Surgical elimination of the retracted submental fold during double chin correction

  • Raul Loeb


In some cases of double chin, the submental fold can become quite obvious. It can persist or even be deepended following a submental fatpad resection if the incision is made following the fold. The steps involved in eliminating this fold are: (1). A curved incision is made 1 cm in front of the fold. (2). The excess fat is reduced, leaving a 1 cm layer attached to the skin. (3). The fold is filled by sliding forward a fat flap taken from the fat remaining on the skin. (4). The sutures in the fat and the skin are not superimposed, to avoid recurrance of the fold.

Key words

Submental fold Double-chin 


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  • Raul Loeb
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  1. 1.Escola Paulista Medical SchoolSão PauloBrasil

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