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Lower lid “tarsal fixation” blepharoplasty: A personal technique

  • Peter Bela Fodor


The majority of patients seeking lower-lid blepharoplasty find that a muscle roll under their lowerlid ciliary margin is a desired postoperative feature. Very few prefer a flat postoperative lower lid. In addition to the cosmetic advantage obtained by more closely simulating a youthful lower eyelid, preservation of the pretarsal portion of the orbicularis oculi muscle also has a physiologic value in maintaining lower eyelid tone and support. A method to create this fold, which included placement of tarsal fixation sutures, has been previously described [1]. It was accompanied by prolonged postoperative swelling. In hands other than masterful surgeons, it often resulted in irregular shape and asymmetry. Perhaps this is why the technique never became very popular. The technique described here consists of overlapping two layers of orbicularis oculi muscle over the lower lid tarsal plate. The method is simple, quick, requires no additional sutures, and does not complicate or prolong the postoperative course. The result is that of a soft, even, and naturalappearing lower eyelid roll and lower eyelid.

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Blepharoplasty Lower lid Tarsal fixation 


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  • Peter Bela Fodor
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