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Production of brefeldin-A

  • T G McCloud
  • M P Burns
  • F D Majadly
  • G M Muschik
  • D A Miller
  • K K Poole
  • J M Roach
  • J T Ross
  • W B LebherzIII


Fermentation conditions are described for the production of the antitumor antibiotic 7-(S)-brefeldin-A (brefeldin-A) in liquid culture byEupenicillium brefeldianum, (B. Dodge) Stolk and Scott, ATCC 58665. An analytical hplc method was developed which allowed rapid quantitation of the compound during fermentation. A kilogram of brefeldin-A was isolated from a fermentation at the 6800-liter scale.


brefeldin-A Eupenicillium brefeldianum antitumor antibiotic 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • T G McCloud
    • 1
  • M P Burns
    • 1
  • F D Majadly
    • 1
  • G M Muschik
    • 1
  • D A Miller
    • 2
  • K K Poole
    • 2
  • J M Roach
    • 2
  • J T Ross
    • 2
  • W B LebherzIII
    • 2
  1. 1.Chemical Synthesis and Analysis LaboratoryProgram Resources, Inc/DynCorp, National Cancer Institute-Frederick Cancer Research and Development CenterFrederickUSA
  2. 2.Fermentation Production FacilityProgram Resources, Inc/DynCorp, National Cancer Institute-Frederick Cancer Research and Development CenterFrederickUSA

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