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Searching for new heavy vector bosons inp \(\bar p\) colliders


Production and detection of new heavy vector bosons is studied at present (or near future)p \(\bar p\) collider experiments. Application to CERN and Tevatron experiments is considered in detail, but some results for the UNKp \(\bar p\) collider, at\(\sqrt s \)= 6TeV, are also presented. Rather than considering a number of detailed models, we prefer to discuss some general, although necessarily schematic, classes of new vector bosons ranging from strongly interacting Higgs sector models to extended gauge models. We study in particular signals and backgrounds in the\(\ell \overline \ell jj\) channels, where ℓ are leptons andj are hadron jets.

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Altarelli, G., Mele, B. & Ruiz-Altaba, M. Searching for new heavy vector bosons inp \(\bar p\) colliders. Z. Phys. C - Particles and Fields 45, 109–121 (1989).

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