Time factors and orgasmic response


A retrospective review of data from a 619-member female sample presenting for treatment of sexual dysfunction was conducted to determine if foreplay and intromission duration variables were related to sexual dysfunction. Patients were assigned to coitally anorgasmic and noncoitally anorgasmic, coitally anorgasmic and noncoitally orgasmic, or coitally and noncoitally orgasmic categories on the basis of interview data collected by a nursephysician team. Duration measure differences are not found between diagnostic categories. However, significant differences are reported for the duration measures between status of relationship groupings: married, single, divorced, or cohabitating (p <0.05). Data from the sexually dysfunctional sample are compared with data from the surveys of Kinsey, Fisher, and Hunt. The importance of extended foreplay and intromission in enhancing female coital orgasmic response is not supported.

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Key words

  • foreplay
  • intromission
  • sex dysfunction
  • coital anorgasmia